Deepa Subramaniam is the Director of Product at charity: water, a non-profit dedicated to delivering clean & safe drinking water to the developing world. She is passionate about the intersection of technology and charitable giving, including how to catalyze more brands to tie social missions directly into their business models. Filled with the strong desire that she should use her talents to better the world, Deepa left a highly successful 10-year career at Adobe to move to New York and lead product at charity: water.

At Adobe, Deepa was a key leader in the launch of  Creative Cloud, Adobe’s subscription service which helps the creative class be more creative. Before technical product management, Deepa was a senior computer scientist, leading several developer-oriented products at Adobe.

Earlier, Deepa was a graduate of UC Berkeley with a degree in Computer Science, a published author and a classically trained South Indian dancer. She fills her time outside of work advising and conspiring with other millennials who want to make a more positive dent in the world.

twitter: @iamdeepa
instagram: @ideepa
linked in: deepa subramaniam