Deepa Subramaniam has spent 15+ years leading large product teams to collaboratively build innovative digital products with mass reach for all platforms.

She recently completed her role as Vice President of Product and Design at Kickstarter. Deepa is currently on the Board of Directors for DonorDrive (parent company: Global Cloud). DonorDrive is one of the best peer-to-peer fundraising platforms which has helped worthy causes raise over $1 billion.

Prior to joining Kickstarter, she was the Director of Product at Hillary for America where she helped lead product for the campaign focusing on online fundraising, hillaryclinton.com and bespoke policy and rapid response digital products.

Before Hillary for America, Deepa led product at charity: water, a non-profit dedicated to bringing clean water to the developing world.

She started her career at Adobe, first as a Computer Scientist and later as a principle lead in the creation of Creative Cloud.

She champions data-driven design iteration, achieving high-velocity team output in fast-paced environments, and building collaboration and joy into company culture.

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twitter: @iamdeepa
linked in: deepa subramaniam