Exciting Announcements out of Google I/O

The past couple of days marks some serious excitement for Adobe and the Flash Platform! We announced the public beta of Flash Player 10.1 and the availability of a developer pre-release of AIR for Android. Additionally, we are providing extensions to Dreamweaver for HTML5 support and we discussed our intentions for Flash Player 10.1 for Google TV. The announcement I am most excited about is the public beta of Flash Player 10.1. SO much work went in to reducing memory consumption, optimizing performance and improving rendering for devices (ie: flash content responding to landscape mode, multitouch, etc). The Flash Player blog has a *must read* article describing the investments made and the gains received with Flash Player 10.1. Check it out! I hope you’re just as excited as I am for these announcements – I can’t wait to get FroYo on all my Android devices and continue playing around with Flash and AIR.

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  1. Hi Deepa,

    I saw your Developer Week presentation about flex4 which was very good, then I found your blog. In this entry you say “… get FroYo on all my Android devices …” . What kind of device do use? I would like to buy an Android phone and maybe you could make a suggestion.

    Thanks in advance!

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