Friends: They Keep It Real

Apologies, non-Flex post, but I had to share since this really made me laugh for like 5 minutes this morning.

You may have noticed I swapped my bio picture out (below) on my blog from a very “I’m tired at the NY subway station at 4 AM photo” for my new corporate headshot. (Yes, in my new role, I now have a corporate headshot). I just did this little picture-swap this weekend. I woke up this morning to find this email in my Inbox, from my good friend and co-author, Doug McCune.

Subject: dear miss high powered management woman

Attachment: deepa.jpg

Body: You don’t fool me.

Man, that really made my Monday (for realsies)!

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  1. Hi Deepa,
    i am using swfloader to load swf file generated by ActionScipt project.
    In swf there is a control (textArea), i know the id of the textarea and trying to access the content of textarea using the movieclip object in flex.
    but i am not getting error null object reference,please help

  2. Thanks everybody for the cmtnemos. Matt, I’ll look around a bit more at stuff but it seems Renaun has some great advice there on how to fix the problem. I’m using Flex Builder so I’ll check the properties. The only thing I wonder though is what else changing the locale will do.. I mean, will it affect anything else?Ryan, great advice on the h and vboxes. I used those for a mockup of something else I was messing with but wasn’t really sure I needed them in the calculator app.

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