Goodbye SF/Hello New York

It is so strange to type these words – but last Friday was my last day at Adobe. There are very few companies I’d ever consider leaving Adobe for, but recently I volunteered at a New York-based company called charity: water, and fell in love. They use technology to bring clean & safe drinking water to millions of people in developing countries and I am moving to New York to join their leadership team as Director of Product.

Saying goodbye to Adobe is weird. I literally grew up with Macromedia & Adobe Рeverything I know about real-world engineering, product management, teamwork and leadership, I learned there and that makes me so proud.  Adobe was truly the job of a lifetime!

Saying goodbye to San Francisco is even weirder! I have been in this amazing city since I graduated from Cal, and its where my home & heart is. But, a short detour to NYC to experience life on a different coast was too good to pass up.

I am crazy excited for what’s happening in the next few weeks – a new domain, a new job, a new city. I’ll be heading out to New York in the next couple of weeks – and though I am moving there, I will be living a pretty bi-coastal schedule, being back in San Francisco every 3-4 weeks. Whenever you’re in NYC, hit me up!

I have never been that good with change, but I gotta say: life feels really exciting right now.

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  1. Hi Deepa,

    I have been reading your articles about flex and watching videos at adobe tv regularly. After flex moved from adobe to apache and adobe announced that HTML 5 is the future we hardly find updates on flex. I still love to work with flex and flash builder is the best IDE. Thanks for your effort in bring such a wonderful product.

    Good luck for your new Job.

    Miss you,
    Ravichandran J
    Flex Developer

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