Heading to China for the Adobe Flash Platform Summit

I am super excited that in a couple of weeks, I will be in Beijing to speak at the Adobe Flash Platform Summit. China is seeing HUGE growth with Flash and Flex with usage of our frameworks and tools in the enterprise, multi-media, gaming and consumer markets. I will be giving 3 sessions:

  • Understanding the Flex 4 Framework (An overview of the changes and new capabilities brought out with Flex 4)
  • Tackling Memory & Performance in Flex, Flash & AIR (Tips & tricks on how to optimize and fine-tune performance in your applications, including SWF size, startup time, runtime performance and memory consumption)
  • Lab: Application Development with Flash Catalyst & Flash Builder (My first hands-on lab ever! We will walk through the basic capabilities of Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst)

I am really looking forward to meeting with Flex & Flash developers and customers in China!

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  1. Hi Deepa,

    Great presentation by you and the rest of the Adobe team. A fantastic day and looking forward to tomorrow (Thursday).

    It was good to meet up with other people within the Flex – Flash industry; to share ideas, see what’s new and to generally see how creative programmers and designers have been,

  2. hi Deepa ,
    nice to meet u on platform summit, i’m very honour to attend u topic — Tackling memory & performance. and i had a chance to talk with u face-to-face, what a good luck guy myself. i asked a question about AIR , B/S, C/S, but my englist is too bad, lol , so u can’t understand me, but it didn’t matter.

    in u speech,u don’t talk with SWF size, startup time. i do expect to know about it.but u didn’t mention it in u speech.

    “summit”, i think it should be high level. but almost all speaker ‘s topic is very alluring but content is basic, low level .
    so i think if we have chance to in invite u give ur speech next time, lets us talk something deep,

    thank you very much , and welcome to China.

    expect u visit next time!

    please take ur best wishes to u family .

  3. dear mam
    i here your seminar
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    have a nice day

  4. A bit off-topic but got any recs where I can find Flash player penetration for mainland China? I know China is buried in Emerging Markets in the semi-annual Adobe survey but we need more specific data. Thanks.

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