Late Night Coding

I remember back in college I would sit down in lab (at Berkeley the undergraduate computer labs were basically dungeons set two floors underground) and start working on a project and glance up and realize 8 hours had passed by in a flash. Those were the days – it was just so easy to get in THE ZONE.

Now I’m lucky if I have that feeling a few times a year. Working without interruptions is pretty much impossible, especially during the day in my office. This is where I have re-found night coding. True, its hard when you have a full-time job where you’re expected to be chipper and at the office by 9 AM, but man its so worth it. I have a couple of side projects (Flash + video stuff) that have just laid stale for several months now and I find that if I start working on them closer to my bed time (read: 10 pm, I am a granny) I can bypass sleepiness and hammer away for several hours and feel really productive.

Score! Hair. Flip.

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  1. Hi Deepa,
    I am a flash/Flex developer and i am quite fascinated about the work you are doing and the things you share on adobe’s site as well as your blog. I need a help from you. I want to download the video link: but anable to do that. Its an amazing video and its very important for me. can you please give me any link from where i cud download it!
    Thanks a lot

  2. Deepa,
    We just finished a great app using Flex, it is amazing. We are starting on another project and unfortunately we cant use FLEX because of the lack of threading (like you have never heard that before). We want to do some directory reading and file parsing and because the functions are so high level we have no control of the UI just locking up while flex is off doing its thing. Before we start on the Java path are there any great articles that you know of that might point us in the right direction or can you maybe give some hope to a threading version. I watched the MAX 2010 video and completely understand why FLEX is what it is but we would still like to use it for this project.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


    PS The Zone is the only place to be and its not that hard to find, have you read “flow” by csikszentmihalyi ? Amazing Book.

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