Matthew Helm Chotin

October 23, 2008

You would think, after working on Flex for more then five years, that I know most of the sordid details regarding my Flex teammates’ lives. Well…no. In this morning’s status meeting, I was privy to some new information. Matt Chotin, Product Manager extraordinaire for Flex, has a middle name. And it’s Helm! Like Helm’s Deep!

This might be the coolest middle name ever!

It’s safe to say, this bit of news definitely made my morning.


  1. [...] some new information. Deepa Subramaniam, developer extraordinaire for Flex, is a big dork. Because the first thing she thought of when she heard that Matt Chotin’s middle name was ‘Helm’ [...]

  2. polyGeek says:

    Yeah, but your name means “a lamp” – yes I had to look it up. I’m mean that’s way cooler. A lamp is something to show you the way in dark places. Maybe your nickname should be “Earendil”?

  3. The Flex Team: “Helm Deepa”

    I am so with you Deepa on this one, just check out the photo to see…

  4. Rachel Luxemburg says:

    I’m with you Deepa, that’s pretty cool.

  5. Rick Winscot says:

    Any chance we could get Matt into an orc costume? …at a keynote?

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