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Wow, time has flown by. Adobe MAX 2010 is right around the corner! If you haven’t registered already, well I guess you don’t want to hear this, but you will be missing out! This MAX is gearing up to be full of exciting announcements, previews of cool new technology, networking with the best and brightest from the Flash & Flex communities and of course some fun (just a tad, I mean, lets not get ahead of ourselves).

I wanted to highlight some must-not-miss MAX sessions for Flex that I promise you will find both educational and inspiring so read on for juicy session details.

Flex Roadmap (presenter: me, Monday, 10/25 @ 3:30 pm) – I’m super stokked on my session! I’m going to go over what’s coming up in the next release of Flex (codenamed “Hero”) as well as what is planned for subsequent releases. I won’t just be focusing on Flex framework UI pieces. We will talk about the next-generation compiler effort and some exciting features being planned for “below the stack” as well as get an update on Flex’s open source efforts and commitments.

Deep Dive into Mobile Development with the Flex SDK (presenters: Glenn Ruehle & Chiedo Acholonu, Wednesday, 10/27 @ 8 am) – For anyone curious how to build mobile applications with Flex, suck it up and wake up early on Wednesday and go to Glenn and Chiedo’s session 🙂 They are going to go over all the details of the new mobile features being added to the next version of Flex, code-named “Hero”, such that you can get up and running build a mobile application quickly. It will most definitely be worth the early start time!

Performance Tips & Tricks for Flex & Flash Development (presenters: Ryan Frishberg, Tuesday 10/26 @ 4:30 & Wednesday 10/27 @ 1:30) –  I’m like a little momma bird proud of her young fledgling (O.M.G, Ryan would KILL me if he saw this). I’m very excited for Ryan’s session as I zeroed in on him to do this talk when I first came up with the idea many months ago. Ryan is going to cover all the critical tips and tricks any Flex or ActionScript developer needs to know (and implement!) in order to make their Flash application zing. I’ve reviewed this talk a bunch – there are so many morsels of applicable performance goodness I can’t wait for him to present it…twice!

Deep Dive Into Spark DataGrid (presenter: Hans Muller, Tuesday 10/26 @ 3pm) – Yes, THE HANS MULLER, is on the Flex framework team and the architect who is heading the Spark DataGrid effort for the next release of the Flex SDK, code-named “Hero”. Hans is going to go deep on the design of the Spark DataGrid, its skinning contract, selection model, data layer, and item renderer contract as well as walk through numerous examples. Hans is a great presenter – the perfect mix of dry wit and technical power so definitely check it out if you’ve *ever* wrestled with the MX DataGrid or AdvancedDataGrid.

What’s New in Flash Builder “Burrito” (presenter: Andrew Shorten, Tuesday 10/26 @ 3 pm) – My partner-in-crime, Senior Product Manager for Flash Builder Andrew Shorten, will be presenting on the next-version of Flash Builder, code-named “Burrito”. Guys, this upcoming Flash Builder release is stellar! It contains a wealth of new productivity features, beefed up language intelligence, improvements to design view, and I hear he may be sneaking some stuff that has not yet been shared publicly. Anyone doing Flex or ActionScript development in FB should go check this out so you know exactly whats in store for you when “Burrito” hits the market!

Build Your First Mobile Application (presenter: NJ,  Monday 10/25 @ 5 pm, Wednesday 10/27 @ 1:30 pm & Wednesday 10/27 @ 4 pm) – NJ, Principle Scientist on Flex, will be giving several labs covering how to build your first mobile Flex application. He will cover framework knowledge as well as show off mobile workflows in Adobe tools. This session has been so popular that we added a third time late on Wednesday (I expect that to fill fast as well) – so get on it people! Leverage your Flex knowledge from building desktop and web applications and experience what the mobile application world feels like!

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