So I made that promise at 360Flex….

September 20, 2007

I have caved to the pressures of the Flex blogging elite as well as am honoring that flippant promise I made at 360Flex in Seattle: start a work blog by MAX. So, with only 10 days to go till MAX 2007 in Chicago, I present to you my humble Flex blog. My short term aim is to use this blog as a place to store code and thoughts about all the Flex related projects I have been working on the past few months. My long term aim is world domination. Wait, I mean profit. Wait, I mean brilliant and inspiring posts about the state of technology in the world.

Er, I’ll just stick with the short term aim for now.

So, for those who wanted the slides from my 360Flex Seattle session, entitled “Flex Framework Nitty Gritty”, here you go. The slides are augmented quite nicely with David Coletta’s very thorough writeup of the session.


  1. You did it. :) Looking forward to your talk at MAX. Subscribed!

  2. Raghu says:

    Cheers Deepa… We are all looking forward for your pearls of wisdom :)

  3. arpit says:

    welcome to the blogosphere :) .

  4. It’s nice to have a connection with the insiders..
    Good posts..

  5. Deepa! There you are…

  6. Cool! Deepa is Blogging…

    I just noticed that Deepa Subramaniam, one of the rock star engineers on the Flex team is blogging. She’s always at events and she’s a huge speaking draw, so now that she’s blogging you all should be getting even more Flex goodness. Now we just need…

  7. Doug McCune says:

    ZOMGZ!!!!!!! I’m the first comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. polyGeek says:

    I was about to submit a bug this weekend – that you didn’t have a blog set up yet. I’m glad you got to it. I look forward to reading your posts.

    CU at MAX.

  9. Wow – thanks for the kind words everyone! I promise to post some goodies soon, including a description of my session at MAX, the cool component BOF I’m in at MAX (with some serious Flex heavyweights) and that long overdue post on what happens upon Flex application startup.

  10. Hi Deepa,
    welcome !
    I’m pretty sure you’ll give us precious information ;)


  11. Roger says:

    Yay Deepa!!! Post like toast!

  12. Josh Tynjala says:

    Good to see you finally joining the cult of blog. Now, as an initiation, I expect ten new posts by Monday. Get cracking! ;)

  13. Doug McCune says:

    :( turns out I was the seventh comment. Damn you comment moderation! I’m going to go cry now…

  14. Juan Sanchez says:

    Welcome Deepa! I look forward to your posts. Hmmm… Those are interesting comment dates.

  15. StoveSucks says:

    That’s it? Only 10 days before? That’s like doing your high school homework for third period during first period.

  16. Ben says:


    Yey for Deepa! :)

  17. Emily says:

    Deepa, I’m like you’re number one fan! Sometimes, I follow you home.

  18. Glad to hear it Deepa!

    In my university days my best friend was named Deepa.

  19. AHAM says:

    Gr8… Deepa Blogs…

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