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My wonderful friend, a fellow techie and all around inspiring, creative and passionate dude, Amit Gupta, has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. He’s the man behind amazing things like Jelly, the photospectactular mailing list/blog Photojojo and the recent new venture: Material. If you’re a fan of any of these sites, a fan of Amit himself, or a survivor of AML – please take a moment read this.

It looks as if Amit will need a bone marrow transplant some time soon. Unfortunately, minorities are incredibly underrepresented in the national marrow donor pool. This is where we need your help! It is painless to register as a bone marrow donor. Please take a moment to do this if you’re unregistered but please please please especially do this if you are of South Asian descent (India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives or Sri Lanka). My fellow brown friends, I’m looking right at you – you could end up saving my friend’s life!

Registering as a bone marrow donor is incredibly easy. You can do it in person through registry drives in your area (check here to find one near you). Bay Area/San Francisco friends, there are drives coming up in the next few days. You can also register by mail if getting to a physical drive proves difficult.

Amit – you’re a fighter who gets shit done. You will beat this my friend!

UPDATE! The incomparable Seth Godin sweetens the deal.

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