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August 26, 2010

Folks, live-blogging from Day 2 keynote at the Flash Platform Summit, Bangalore. Gotta say, I’m blown away by the absolute success of this event – over 1500 attendees have attended both days to hear all about Flash & Flex development and design. Big props to the Adobe India Flash Platform Evangelism team for putting together such a dope event!

I’ve always known the Flash & Flex community in India was vibrant, passionate and super smart. I finally got to experience this in person. I presented two jam-packed sessions: ‘Deep-dive into Flex 4 & Spark’ as well as ‘Flex & Flash Performance Tips & Tricks’.  The turnout was phenomenal and boy did the audience keep me on my toes with tough questions :)

Additionally, I’ve seen some amazing Flex apps demo’ed by Indian SI’s, design shops and Flex agencies. These are apps built with Flex 3 as well as Flex 4 – its heartening to see the interest and adoption of Flex 4 and Spark in the Indian community.

Rock on Flex India!


  1. shiju says:

    Can you give presentation slides of both sessions ?

  2. kanti says:

    i am working in flex. I have a Flash project which is having .fla and .swf files alongwith actionscript files.And i have to use the project’s swf in my application.
    I have done that using swfloader.
    Problem is i have to access the content of textarea of that swf. But in flash project there is .fla file which is having that desired textArea.
    I am not able to understand how to access now textarea. One more question, swf of flash project contains .fla?
    Please help…………………

    kanti Singh

  3. Tushar Garg says:

    The decks should be available at http://www.adobesummit.com
    You have to register and login through this site to access


  4. Agish says:

    Hey Deepa,
    This is simply amazing blog . I also curious to know about the presentation if you could share with us ,it will be really helpful.Thanks

  5. Sreekanth says:

    Hi Deepa,

    Your session is very much useful and its m power me to learn Flex4.

    If you could provide your presentation slides its very much useful for us.


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