A New Year, A New Role

I am incredibly thrilled to share some news with you guys. After some soul-searching and pondering I’ve decided to move from my Lead Computer Scientist role on the Flex SDK engineering team and join the Flex Product Management team to work as a Product Manger focusing on the Flex SDK. I am sure somewhere out in the virtual world, money is being exchanged by certain friends and cohorts since this seems like a natural move for me (and one based on precedence if you remember the early career of Matt Chotin :)).

So officially starting today, I have joined the Flex PM team and am focusing on the feature set and future of the Flex SDK. Matt, as well as Vera Carr, are continuing on within the Flex PM team as well.

I am incredibly thrilled and jazzed to move into this new role as it builds nicely on the engineering background I have (over 6 years on Flex!) as well as opening doors to meet new customers, encounter awesome Flex projects and really help shape the future of such an innovative and successful family of products like Flex.

As part of my new role, I openly welcome feedback and thoughts from the Flex community. Don’t hesitate to email me directly: dsubrama at adobe dot com.

And with that, onwards to the release of Flex 4!

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  1. Congratulations Deepa

    We are big supporters of Flex and our online Project, Contact and Image Mgmt – http://www.glasnost21.com – is probably one of the most extensive Flex apps ‘out there’.

    We look forward to continued development of this platform.

    Best of luck

    Antony Slumbers

  2. Note: there should be a smiley-face after that previous comment.

    Question: does this mean you’ll be blogging more? ( hint, hint ) ๐Ÿ™‚

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