An important update about Flex

I, along with my colleague Andrew Shorten, have posted an update on Flex where we answer a number of questions regarding Adobe’s commitment to Flex SDK.

Please read it here.

As part of this, we announced our intention to pursue an open development model for Flex, similar to the model already used for PhoneGap and Day.

I encourage you to read the post and comment or ask questions on the blog.

Note: We posted a very important update with more questions and answers on 11/15/11. Please read the updated post here


8 Replies to “An important update about Flex”

  1. It seems that Flex 4.6 is the latest version that adobe will bring, after that they will begin to migrate to html5, that what I can understand from your words:

    “Following this, we will begin the process of moving to the open development model described above”

    Also , killing TV apps is another evidence that Adobe is trying to end Flash platform.

    If we collect the information in this article, beside other information we can conclude :

    1- Adobe is killing the DESIGN side of Flash by advising designer to expand their skills to adopt HTML5 , also by making the next FLASH version is able to export to HTML5.

    2- Adobe is killing the DEVELOP side of Flash by killing smoothly FLEX and advicing enterprise to migrate to HTML5 and by stopping developing FLEX beyond v4.6 , all the verion later 4.6 is suppose to make the migrate easly to HTML5 thus the development line for FLEX to produce Flash base Web application is almost end.

    I’m really surprise how easily Adobe is killing Flash Platform just because Steve Jobs didn’t support it on his iOS neglecting all the history of Flash and the promising future on mobile devices leaded by Android.

    They didn’t understand that apple itself is under pressure not Adobe, even they (Adobe) know very well that HTML5 can never replace Flash or match it in terms of Features, performance and The power of Language. Unfortunately Web experience is backing to the beginning of 2000?s, to the time before Adobe acquisition of macromedia in 2005, not continue advancing to deliver the futuristic technology.

    I know this will not change any plan Adobe has made, but all my wish is to see a company that will buy Flash Platform from Adobe and they will find dozens of millions developers & designers following and supporting it.

  2. This is just not being done right or not being happening right. Just because someone accused Flash Player on some so-called mobile platform, doesn’t mean that Adobe has to shift the gears all together. Don’t forget that when no one was there, it was Flash there.

    If Adobe wants to continue support the development of Flash player on desktops, then why are you discontinuing Flex SDK after 4.6.. why… why… why… if Flex SDK is going to be discontinued then why would Adobe be supporting the development of Flash Builder IDE. Something is just not making sense here…

    Flash/Flex has got way more to offer than HTML5. Can’t believe that Adobe engineers are not being confident about this fact.

    Just because Adobe acquired PhoneGap doesn’t mean that Adobe has to stop thinking about one of its flagship platforms, Flash Platform.

  3. “I encourage you to read the post and comment or ask questions on the blog”

    ok, many people did comment and asked questions on that article… But up till now not a single answer.

    Now it may be time for you or someone to answer them. (Why asking for questions otherwise). We are more in the dark than before. I’m a full time flex developer and went to adobe max 2011. Al sounded great. Good roadmaps, big commitment to flex etc… That was oktober…

    Now this.

    Could you guys please make a FAQ or something alike about the future of Flex?

    thanx and i appreciate all effort the flex team made the last years. Obviously this is whole thing not their decision…


  4. What about Linux support? Flash Player does not work there good at all. Nothing has changed in last 18 months. Just need things to work in Linux: fix Flash or get HTML5 working…

  5. The fact that Flex SDK was so riddled with stupid solutions is the reason Adobe killed it. After 7 years of struggle it solved nothing, just exposed the weaknesses of Flash platform. It’s sad to see so many talented, well paid people coming up with nothing.

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