360Flex ATL, Here I Come!

So I woke up on Tuesday morning with an email from Matt Chotin asking me if I wanted to speak at 360Flex Atlanta. Uh…..hell yeah! The tentative title of the session is “The Future of Flex” and I’ll be focusing on the big changes in the Flex product family for Flex 4 and beyond. We’ll cover more details of the SDK re-architecture that needs to happen to support Thermo (of a similar flavor to what Ely Greenfield‘s MAX talk was), details about the new graphic tag library added to Flex, and other SDK/FlexBuilder/Thermo items that will pique your interest. If you have specific ideas or thoughts on what you’d like to hear, please comment away! I’ll try to see if I can work it into the talk….

See you all in Atlanta. If you haven’t signed up, do so, the 360Flex conferences always rock!

13 Replies to “360Flex ATL, Here I Come!”

  1. Tony, wherever you’re going for vacation will always be there post 360|Flex ATL. Deepa’s talk at 360|Flex ATL, once in a lifetime opportunity. I”m not trying to pressure you or anything, but I think the choice is clear here.

    Right, Deepa? 🙂

  2. Hello Deepa,

    Happy to see you here, and we are expecting more futures of flex in India and also discussions & camps in India in more places also world wide.

    PradeepKumar, D.

  3. Great meeting you in ATL! I was impressed at the “Future of Flex” presentation.

    I like the new MVC approach to component development you mentioned and I’ll be re-writing a major Flex component. I’d like to implement that new paradigm. Can you give some pointers as to what belongs where in the MVC framework in the context of a component?

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