New build of FlexBuilder for Linux available!

The Alpha 2 drop of FlexBuilder for Linux has just been posted on Adobe Labs! I was floored by what the team showed off at MAX, and am equally impressed with what the team has been able to get done for this latest build. You can see whats newly been added to this engineering drop here as well as check out those FlexBuilder features that are, as of yet, unsupported.

Linux lovers, hop to it!

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  1. Out of curiosity, is it possible to compile an Actionscript project in Flex Builder without using the Flex Framework? Using FlashDevelop, I was able to compile straight Actionscript 3 classes with MXMLC and without having to use the Flex framework. However, FlashDevelop is not compatible on Mac OSX like Eclipse is, which is why it would be great you can allow users to compile Actionscript without having to use mx.* packages and essentially the framework.


  2. Nir – Yes, you’ll want to create a new ActionScript project in FlexBuilder. This should create an AS only project with no dependencies on the Flex framework. Then you can build and run the project just like an MXML project and be good to go.

    Its crucial to note that certain things like runtime localization and system manager capabilities are dependent on your app being housed in an mx:Application container.

  3. Hi Deepa,
    I need sample code on poping up a grid from a stacked chart. it should be a drill down from chart to grid.

    I am struggling with this from past 1 month, and I am unable to do it. Kindly help me. It will be of great help.

    thanks & regards

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