Flex advanced data visualization components now part of the FREE open source Flex SDK!

March 12, 2010

I just wanted to blog about an announcement I made at the 360Flex San Jose keynote on Monday morning. I announced that currently, the advanced data visualization components (Advanced DataGrid, OLAP DataGrid and all the charting components and libraries) are now part of the free open source Flex SDK offering! No longer do you need a Flash Builder Professional license to use those components – they are now part of the standard SDK offering. So go forth and code!


  1. creacog says:

    So just one Flash Builder? Or will there be something else to differentiate Fb standard from Fb professional?

  2. There has been no change to the Flex Builder 3 product packaging – you still have Flex Builder 3 Standard and Flex Builder 3 Professional. However, now the advanced data visualization components are now in the free, open source Flex SDK. This means you do not need to use FB 3 Professional to access and use those components.

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  5. What about automation framework? Is it also now part of open source Flex SDK or still only available in Flash Builder Pro?

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  8. Robert says:

    Deepa – great to meet you at 360|Flex!! Welcome to the new role!!

    Don’t know if you can help…but I installed the Flash Builder 4 plugin (trial license) and cannot access the datavisualization source – even though it looks like it is there under the proper /sdks directory. Is it because I don’t have a real license yet?

  9. Robert says:

    Sorry Deepa – I should have indicated that I’m using the packaged 3.5 SDK with the FB4 plug-in. I can access the datavisualization source if I have my preferences set to use the Flex 4 SDK, but when using the 3.5 SDK it errors saying that it can’t find the source. If I need to extract the source, as I have done before using FB3, I can do so – but, it looks like the source is already there.

  10. Rajan says:


    I am using the open source flex sdk build Version 3.4.0 build 9271 . At the same time i am using flexlib.swc from google code base. the flexlib.swc requires access to charting compoenents classes. The charting classes are normally in datavisualization.swc. This file is missing from open source. how can i create this file or from where can i get it.


  11. David says:

    Anyone know where to find datavisualization.swc?

  12. Ananth Neel says:

    Hi David,
    You can get flex data visualization framework as well as Automation framework from

    See the second and third download button link just bellow 3.5 SDK link.


  13. Anurag says:

    Robert I had the same issue trying to access DV sources in the FB. Here is what I did to fix it.
    In Project\settings -libraryPath tab under sdk 3.5 – drill to datavisualization.swc Source attachment. Point it to new location e.g. mine in c:\program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\sdks\3.5.0\frameworks\projects\datavisualization\src.

  14. Thanuja says:

    Is opensource flex4.5 sdk has Datavisulization components ?

  15. @Thanuja: Yes, since Flex 4 all the data visualization components are free and open source.

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