360Flex – Keynote and Conference Sessions!

I am super excited for the kickoff of 360Flex San Jose on Monday, including my Monday morning keynote! This will be the first ever keynote I will deliver and this keynote is what I have been eating, drinking and sleeping the past couple of days. True to 360Flex keynote fashion, we will have two videos made by the Flex SDK team to unveil. I’ll post the videos to youtube after the conference is over.

Additionally, I have a session on Tuesday morning titled: “Whats New in Flex 4 that is NOT Spark!”. This session will focus on the features and capabilities added to Flex 4 that are not directly related to the new Spark component and skinning architecture.

If you’re coming to 360Flex, please come and say hi in person!

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  1. Hi Deepa we look forward to hearing from you at 360 Flex, last time was a session you gave at Max ’07. Post your twitter handle, or get one…it’s a big part of 360 as you will see 😉

  2. Deepa,

    I really liked your visit to NYC Flex Developers. I am glad you’ve taken our concerns and interests in the platform and IDE seriously. I hope some of those suggestions are some goals for future development.

    How did the rest of your sessions go? I am eagerly awaiting the new release of FB4. Can’t wait actually for the new stuff to roll out, mostly excited about air 2.0 at the present.

    Take care,

  3. Really bummed that we never had a chance to speak at 360Flex. I wanted to tell you that I am happy that you are moving up in the world. But that probably means more paperwork and meetings and less code. So I’m also sad for you.

    On the bright side maybe NOW you’ll pick up on Twitter. I think I read somewhere that it’s a job requirement for the PM. I checked Twitter and “iamdeepa” is taken. That had better be you. 🙂

  4. Hi Deepa,
    Hope you got my email about the Flash builder 4 upgrade problem I am having. I know it seems like a support issue but you have to take it within the context of my work here – it makes it appear much larger than that. We are yet to resolve this problem (Case #0203240289). I am being told that a Sr. Specialist is taking a look at this. But that does not mean anything to me as this case has been open over 48hrs now. I hope you could help. That being said, I am using the trial version and loving all the enhancements you have added. BTW, is there a link to the ‘Gordon worked on text’ rap video?


  5. Hi Deepa,

    I enjoyed your sessions at 360 Flex. You said that you would post your slides. Where can I see them again?

    Thanks much


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