Flex PM Team Heads to India

The Flex PM team is heading to India for the Adobe Flash Platform Summit in Bangalore from July 27th – 29th! I attended this event last year and it was an awesome mix of developers and designers working on some really great Flex apps. I’m excited to attend again this year with my Flex PM crew (for one of them, his first trip to India!).

I am going to be giving two sessions. One is a breakout session which is an overview of Flex 4.X. We will cover what Flex 4 introduced, including Spark, as well as the awesome new mobile capabilities delivered in Flex 4.5/4.5.1 for Android, iOS and Playbook development.

The other will be a hands-on 3 hour workshop which will walk folks through building a Spark-based application for desktop and mobile. I love hands on labs as its really fun to jointly create a rad app, so I’m really looking forward to this session!

I hope those of you in and around India can attend the event – we will be sharing a lot of information about how to write truly compelling and performant Flex applications for the web, desktop and mobile devices!

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  1. Hi Deepa,
    This is Ramu, I am preparing to take the certification on flex 3, could you please provide me some material and dump questions on flex 3

    Thanks in advance….

  2. Hi Deepa,
    AFPS 2011 was very nice. I attended it for first time. It ws great experience attending this Flash Summit. Nice meeting you too. Your workshop very. Iam new to Flex 4.5. Can I contact you if I have any doubts in Flex?


  3. Hi Deepa,
    It will be our pleasure to host Flex PM team.I hope you guys have a great time here.
    Well i will surely attend the event,I need to know whats going on with flex ..with Starling..Feathers UI .. Sencha .. Dying to grab the flex market .

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