Ready for MAX?

It seems like every year I come back from MAX, write my “Thoughts on MAX” blog post, take a nap and BOOM – its already next year’s MAX.

This year is no different. MAX 2011 is right around the corner and I’m pretty excited about everything queued up for the conference including  juicy announcements, stellar sessions and (my fav) early ideas shown off at MAX Sneaks. So if you haven’t registered already, get on it! The Flex and Flash Builder teams will be at the conference this year en masse and, as usual, I will be doing the “What’s New in Flex SDK” session.

But lets take a moment here….

These are some exciting times for any content developer trying to get their experiences in front of the masses. Whether you’re aiming to build an in-browser experience, a standalone desktop application, a tablet or smartphone app – the medium by which to share your content is multifold. Of course, once you determine which screens you want to target, the technology choices are plenty: Flash/Flex, HTML, native, etc. The options are numerous and the rewards are incredibly high. At MAX this year, you can learn all about our Flash-based solutions for application development regardless if you’re targeting iOS (YES, we run on Apple iOS) or a TV. Its the one-stop shop to learn what Adobe has to offer, and I suspect you’ll be impressed.

I truly believe that the move to mobile is equivalent to the move from a mainframe to the PC, or PC to the browser. And remember, the mobile space (for both providers and technology choices), is a marathon, not a sprint. So make sure you are well aware of all your options and use MAX to learn more about Flex and Flash for mobile application development. See you there!

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