Goodbye social life, hello technical writing.

Thats right! I am super excited to announce (finally) that my good friend Doug McCune and I will be writing the Flex 3 for Dummies book for Wiley Publishing. The book is expected out in late spring/early summer of 2008 and will be a great resource for those new to Flex and RIA technologies. The book will cover the basics of Flex and FlexBuilder and help get people up and running building Flex applications, especially highlighting those new features added in Flex 3. I think this book is a giant leap towards the goal of having 1 million Flex developers. More and more people are getting interested in Flex and often times they are very new to programming (in fact, in some cases I meet people whose first attempt at programming is writing Flex) and this book will help them tremendously.

I am quite lucky to have a team that supports me in this decision (thanks managers!) and though this will be a lot of work, I’m excited for the challenge and new experience.

Also, for those folks in the Bay Area, Doug and I might throw some sort of book launch party at Doc’s Clock, which is where this whole partnership/project was conceived. I’ll send an email when that happens. Thank you Doc’s for $1PBRs and excellent shuffleboard!

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  1. Awesome, congrats to both you and Doug. Be sure not to kill each other before the project is complete. 🙂


  2. Deepa Subramaniam & Doug McCune writing a Dummies book!

    I now have a new found respect for Dummies titles, seeing that the secret to their success is that they insist on getting the most exquisitely qualified individuals as authors!

    I am very confident that you and Doug together (or individually) can explain in as simple terms as possible the complexities of event driven gui programming.

    Do know, however, that what I would really pay for is for you two gurus of the Flex Framework to author a how-to on creating custom Flex components that extend the Flex framework.

    Regardless, guaranteed I will be buying whatever you guys write. And please do post about the Doc’s Clock book launch party (providing as much advance notice as you can — I need to fly in, but I think it will be worth the trip 😉

    Warmest regards,


  3. I am a long time dremweaver user. I have done lots of sites with php/mysql using dremwever pre build data bindings etc… I am looking for a book that can take the whole process of building for example a simple site with examples on flex how to manipulate data with database. I found few examples online but i would like to see more detailed. For example build a hotel reservation site. Or CD store.

    Thanks in advance,


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