After some serious pressure, I’ve crumbled and am now on twitter (@iamdeepa).

I dunno guys, I think this twitter-thing may catch on?….


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  1. Dear Deepa,

    Per our new draft home page found at HT4W.org/HT4W.html, we are looking to soon have Android, iPhone and BlackBerry mobile versions of HourTyme4Women, Can you help us for a fee or suggest some women Adobe app developers for us to contact?

    Warmest regards, Jackie and Yale Landsberg

    P.S. Per a related requirement, we need help developing the MoodTyme feature, Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Deepa,

    This is Joshua from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
    I am a vc++ developer and i am looking forward to start developing with 3D.

    I really dont know where to start? Since “Molehill” is low-level API i guess i can easily understand the concepts. But before getting my hands on it can somebody explain me from where should i start now so that i could work with “MH” when its released.

    Also i want to know the scope of 3D developers, is it worth migrating from VC++ to Molehill?

    Actually the reason behind this question is that, i have offer for the above position and i really dont know whether its worth to migrate, i am really confused. Please help!

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