My Friends at Dropcam are Hiring

My friends over at Dropcam are hiring for some really cool positions:

  • Flash/Flex Developer
  • Lead Designer
  • Android and iOS Engineers

First, a word about Dropcam. I think they’re dope – its a great idea, business model and really interesting technology. They provide the hardware as well as software (delivered as an extensible service) for setting your home/business up for real-time monitoring through video. Clever customers even use Dropcam as a high-tech nanny or baby cam!  The growth opportunity they have as well as the fact that they are a small and highly-skilled company means that if you get hired into one of these positions, you’ll be part of the core group overseeing Dropcam to success. Plus, I can vouch for the fact that they are cool and fun and hip!

So check them out and apply for the positions as you see fit. The Flash/Flex developer role is particularly meaty – I know there are folks reading this blog who would be well suited.

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