New Hero Build Posted

As part of the new Hero development process, we have posted a second Hero build for folks to play with certain Hero features and capabilities. (Remember, these builds of Hero do not include any features reliant on new features in the Flash Player or AIR runtimes as explained in this post).

The latest build posted, build #17855, includes support for the new Spark Form, Image, BitmapImage, Formatters and DataGrid controls. With regards to DataGrid, the functionality has been split into two “Tiers”. Currently the build includes support for the “Tier 1” functionality of the Spark DataGrid. This includes support for a dynamic dataprovider, the Spark skinning contract, single and multiple selection, layout, basic user interaction via the mouse or keyboard, etc. Some examples of functionality that will come in the “Tier 2” portion of the DataGrid include resizable columns, cell editing, significant performance improvements, etc.

We are very eager for feedback so as you play with features and find bugs/issues, please file them in JIRA. You can see sample code and get more detailed information about Hero features by reading the specifications.

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  1. Thanks for the update.
    Though, can you share some information when can we exepect some milestone build? (beta, I suppose)

    We want to move to 4.5 for our project (in development, releaseis planned by the end of the year), but I’m not sure if current builds are good enough for productive development.
    We had hard times developing with first betas of Flex 4.

  2. Hi Nikita – These posted builds are not ready for production usage (they are on the same order as the usual Flex SDK nightly builds which are right off the bleeding edge of the development branch).

    We will be having a preview release of Flex Hero and the next version of the tools (Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst) in developer hands by end of year. We will be officially releasing Flex Hero, Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst in 2011.

  3. Not sure what you mean Nick. When I click on the link for build #17855 I am taken to a page where I must accept the license agreement and after accepting the download begins. What are you seeing?

  4. weird… I’m accepting the terms and then I get a broken link notification by Chrome. Also tried it in IE and didnt work either.

    I feel kinda silly if its only me. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. and all of a sudden its working! ๐Ÿ˜€
    seriously though, I dont know whats wrong. I did exactly the same thing and it didnt work before.

    I thought that maybe my connection was problematic at the time, who knows…

    All is good now! time to play with the new build.

  6. Hi,As of now Flex Hero will not support the Mobile features or runtimes.When will we get the new builds for mobile features?

  7. @Saravanan: Just to be clear, Flex Hero *does* support mobile application development. Its just that the builds of Hero we have been posting on the Hero open source site are temporarily modified to not include those capabilities. We are aiming to have a preview release of Hero in developer hands by end of year – this preview will cover all the new aspects of Hero, including mobile.

  8. Hi,
    I have one more doubt on Air 2.5.Is it possible to use MXML in android application development.Please help me in debugging Air 2.5 application.

  9. @Saravanan – We are working on the next version of Flex SDK, code-named “Hero”. Using “Hero” you can leverage all the core concepts of Flex like MXML, data-binding, relative layout, etc to create standalone mobile or tablet applications. There is some information already available on “Hero” on the site (which is currently down, but should be up in a couple of days) and more information will be shared very shortly in a more broad manner. Stay tuned!

  10. Hi,
    what I am looking in the new datagrid in Flex Hero is the capability to create datagrids with pagination functionality. Sure there are solutions available but out of the box having this functionality would be very useful.

    What I am missing is the grouping functionality in datagrid. Of course I do have it in advanced datagrid but the javascript based grouping functionalities from certain frameworks makes me think why this is not build in flex datagrid.

    What I have seen so far is quite cool.

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