Reminder: First Hero Open Iteration Meeting on Friday

The Flex SDK team would like to remind folks that the first Hero Open Iteration Meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 1st. The purpose of the Hero Open Iteration meetings is to discuss the changes in development process with the Hero release as well as review the features (both desktop and mobile) that were completed in past Hero iterations and identify the work that will be tackled in the upcoming iterations. There will be time for some short Q and A with the product team as well. The meeting will be recorded and posted onto the Hero open source site.

Meeting: Hero Open Iteration Meeting
Date: October 1, 2010
Time: 8 – 9 AM PT (11 am ET, 4pm UK, 5pm CET)
Connect Details:

For anyone interested in the Hero release and learning more about the capabilities the Hero SDK will contain, this is a meeting that should not be missed!

6 Replies to “Reminder: First Hero Open Iteration Meeting on Friday”

  1. I am told the meeting got recorded? Do you have any indication when the recording will be available? Preferable during the weekend 😉

  2. I missed the first half of the meeting, so I’m also awaiting to the recording of the session (the part I saw was very interesting)

  3. @Jerry – I apologize. As you may have noticed, the Hero open source site is down. We are working *very* hard to get service to this site restored and up and running again, at which point in time the recording of the first Hero Open Iteration Meeting will be available. Please keep an eye on my blog or the Hero open source site for more info.

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