Shameless Plug

I’ve been full of shameless plugs recently. Plugs about MAX, Gumbo and now, my dance. Some of you know this, but I’m a classically trained Bharathanatyam dancer (a form of South Indian dance) and I’ve got set of full-length shows coming up which I am very excited about. This was the next big project I committed to after the book went to layout, and I’m pretty stoked on the direction the production is going.

The show is at The Garage in San Francisco on August 9th and 10th. You can read more about the performances here and tickets can be bought here. If anyone out here in the internet world attends, please stick around when the show is done to say hi!

3 Replies to “Shameless Plug”

  1. Very cool. In fact, some of us were thinking of performing an interpretive dance of the Flex component lifecycle. You in?

    Good luck at your shows!

  2. Cool, what an opportunity to see you performing, I wish I were around.

    Please put some videos, if you can.

    All the best for the show, I am sure you are gonna rock there, i.e rock classically 🙂


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