Speaking about Halo/Gumbo development at MAX 2008

If you’re checking out the official Adobe MAX page for the upcoming MAX 2008 conference, you may have noticed I’m speaking. Woo-hoo! I guess I did a good enough job last year that the MAX folks are willing to give me another shot this year. This will be my second time speaking at MAX and its always my favorite conference to attend and speak at. If you haven’t checked out the awesome new Adobe MAX site, do so. The session locater is easy to use and there’s already a lot of information regarding tracks, sessions and speakers.

So, what will my session be about?

Here’s the official blurb:

Creating New Components in Flex 3 and Beyond

Learn about the inner workings of the Flex framework and how you can leverage them to create your own components. We’ll start with the details of important base classes in Flex 3 (and the next version), as well as important points you need to know about Flash Player. We’ll finish with a discussion of how new techniques being developed for the next version of Flex are expected to make your component development even easier.

Speakers: Deepa Subramaniam
Products: FlexBuilder, Flex
When: Tuesday, November 18, 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Let me break it down to you in my terms. Have you seen the Gumbo Architecture Whitepaper? I wrote that beast. It focuses primarily on Gumbo component development and thats what half of my MAX session will be, the other will cover Halo component development with a little section at the end that covers the best of both worlds and how to chose which architecture suits your problem at hand. The way I’m envisioning the session is that we’ll walk through the technical details of building a custom component in the Halo model, then re-write the same component in the Gumbo model. It will be a code-heavy session.

To hold those of you chomping at the bit to get going with Gumbo component development, there has already been some really great posts (examples here and here) investigating creating and skinning Gumbo components. Check them out. I have to say, I’m impressed and thrilled to see that less then two days after we publish a ton of Gumbo documents and code, people are already taking the time to dive into Gumbo innards (ew).

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  1. @Greg: I just commented on your blog, but for those reading this, attachBehaviors/removeBehaviors is where event listeners should be added and removed directly to the skin object itself when the skin has no parts. If the skin has parts, event listeners for parts can be added/removed in partAdded/partRemoved.

    All of these methods are optional and need to be overridden only when you need to do custom work in those methods.

  2. Hi Drew – Yeah, I came back from MAX to a slew of meetings. I’d like to cleanup some of my code and then I’ll post slides and code shortly. Give me the weekend and check back on the blog early next week.

  3. Hi Deepa,

    I just attended the MAX Milan session, and the presenter pointed to your website for the presentation. I would be grateful if you could upload the presentation, i look forward to start building my own components 🙂


  4. I’ve heard great things about your Flex 3 Component presentation, but was unable to attend. Any word on when your slides/code will be up :0)?

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