Speaking at BAADAUG Meeting (2/24) About Gumbo & Adobe Flash Catalyst

Folks, I’m excited to have been invited to speak at the Bay Area Application Developers Adobe User Group meeting on February 24th in San Francisco! I’ll be speaking about Gumbo, the Spark architecture, component development and showing off some cool stuff that is coming into the Gumbo trunk daily. Additionally, I’ve invited a fellow engineer from the Flash Catalyst team, Peter Flynn, to speak about/show off Adobe Flash Catalyst and the workflows that are enabled with that exciting new tool.

The official blurb is below. Details on location and time and how to register so you gain entry into the building are on the BAADAUG site. Additionally, I’ll be giving away free copies of my book, Adobe Flex 3.0 for Dummies, and word on the street is that the UG will be feeding us delicious pizza! How can anyone say no to this? Feel free to join – this will be a great talk for both developers and designers already familiar with Flex and those wanting to get their feet wet!

“Join Deepa Subramaniam, engineer on the Adobe Flex SDK team, and Peter Flynn, engineer on the Adobe Flash Catalyst team as they showcase upcoming features in the next version of Flex as well as the new Adobe tool, Flash Catalyst (formerly codenamed: “Thermo”). “Gumbo”, the code name for the next version of Flex, introduces a robust new skinning architecture which is leveraged by Flash Catalyst to design expressive web experiences.

Learn how Flash Catalyst empowers designers to create rich interaction designs and UI prototypes – and how developers can extend Catalyst UI designs using Gumbo’s new “Spark” architecture.  Flex 4 Spark components facilitate a clean separation between the visual and interaction design and the logic that developers work with. This is a talk for both designers and developers regardless of level of experience with Flash or Flex.”

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  1. Hi Deepa,

    Great meeting you last week. I remember you asked if we had suggestions for feature improvements in Gumbo, and I’ve realized that I do. I find the way that Flex handles fonts is more complicated than perhaps it needs to be.

    It is very difficult when given a photoshop file from a designer to get the fonts in Flex to look the same. You have decipher whether the font is TrueType or or Type 1 PostScript. If PostScript, you have to drop down into Flash, and build a separate swf following these instructions:

    Then there are all the complexities about FlashType hinting, advanced anti-aliasing, and slight differences in naming such as plain vs. normal, etc that all make it take so much longer than I’d like. And I still don’t get results that exactly match the design.

    So, I would appreciate if Catalyst and/or Builder would have better support for bringing in font information when importing assets.


  2. Hey Deepa! I saw your preso at MAX and learned a fair bit about the component lifecycle. Well, after a few months there was a lot I had forgotten, so I watched your video recording of the preso today. I just wanted to say thank you for the valuable info! Of all the Flex team members I enjoy watching your presos the most!

  3. Hi deepa,
    I am Sachin. I have read your presentation on the topic” creating component in flex 3 and beyond” given by you in Adobe conference 2008.
    I am very confused about the flow on validation/invalidation method. Really I have given much more time to understand it but I have not understood it completely. As soon as I believe that I understood it, a new problem breaks my believe. [?]
    Currently I am making a custom DataGrid component. In this, i am adding an extra button below the hScroll bar. So have to move that button on each resize of browser because Hscroll may be disappeared while resizing.
    So my question is-
    1.) Can you please send a document where I can easily understand flow of validation/invalidation method?
    2.) What is the difference between flow of updateDisplayList and adjustListContent, when we maximize browser directly and when we resize it manually.

    Please help me; I am in a big tension

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