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I just wanted to publicize the upcoming Flex Community Feedback Forum that is occurring this Wednesday, January 28th. This session aims to be a forum for Flex community members to come and discuss in an open environment their thoughts regarding the Flex SDK as a product, the open-sourcing of the SDK, the management of the open-source efforts, etc. Basically a big forum for the community to share their thoughts and views. Please attend, and bring questions and feedback to share, otherwise it will be a pretty short meeting! This is an ideal environment to share whatever is on your mind, so I hope we have a high attendance.

Session Details:

WHEN: January 28th – 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET / 6:00pm GMT (duration 1 hour)

WHERE: Via Connect: http://adobedev.adobe.acrobat.com/techweds (Please enter the room as a ‘guest’ using your First and Last name)

If you’re unable to attend, the meeting will be recorded and posted on the Flex Open Source site afterwards.

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  1. Great feedback session, it’s really interesting to actually hear from some of the people we see blogging.

  2. I have a videoplayer with a play button and add button. The video will play automatically. When i click the add button at any time say 5 Seconds the video will be paused and a title window will appear. There i will enter the description.When i click the save button the description will be saved and a marker will be displayed under the seekbar. Then click the play button and we can add more descriptions like that and that number of markers will be formed. Now my problem is when i click the marker, the slider have to position correctly corresponding to the marker. Sometimes it positions correctly sometimes not. How to solve this

  3. Hi Deepa, I am posting this in an emergency. I am a flex 3 newbie (to say in your words Dummie..)and was assigned with the task of loading an image dynamically from an external xml without using tilelist, repeater component etc., The text data is loading perfect from the external xml but the image doesnt get loaded. I have the existing code as below. I just want the image to get loaded from the external xml for which button event is not needed, ( just it has to load as the page gets loaded. thats it). I coundt get a clear picture from google search. Below is the code and i am sure this would be a childs play for you. Kindly get back me the correct code.



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