MAX 2008 Session Materials

Man, I am really sorry to be posting my session materials so late. I took some PTO after MAX to recover from such a busy, go-go-go (and yet totally awesome) conference, and then came back to a full plate of Gumbo work that needed to happen before the holiday break. But, worry not, the slides, code and even a video of the presentation are now available.

Slides (ppt)

VideoWidget built in Halo

VideoWidget built in Gumbo (compatible with Gumbo SDK build 4078).

Video of the session in its entirety [Note: I listened to my video this morning and was pretty impressed with the audio and video quality. But boy, I never knew how GIRLY I sound on tape!]

(Note: There are bugs in the code – this code was demo/session-worthy and the point of it was to illustrate component development practices and be used as a starting point for understanding custom component development. This is not ship-worthy code so please use/peruse understanding that).

Also, a few things. Several people came up to me after my talk to ask what the keyboard shortcut was in Flex Builder to pop open the Open Resources panel and quickly select a class to open in the code editor. On a Mac, its Shift + Apple + R. I would suggest googling “Common Eclipse Keyboard Shortcuts” and having a little post-it on your laptop that identifies those keystrokes. Believe me, your Eclipse efficiency will increase dramatically.

Also, I got my session survey results (with comments) and had an overwhelmingly high score! Thanks so much for the appreciation, interest and positive encouragement.  Getting to speak at conferences is one of the main highlights of my job, and feedback like the one I received for my MAX talk really buoys my spirit and pushes me to create better and more interesting talks.

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  1. Thanks! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this post — your session was awesome, one of the best of the conference IMO. Thanks for the good work. 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting this!

    BTW, does anyone know how to do this on windows? I can’t seem to find it on google. ctrl-shift-r opens an “open resources” window but it doesn’t seem to work like the window in the video…

  3. @Ryan – which window are you talking about? Ctrl+Shift+R lets you open a window which lets you jump to any file in your workspace. Perhaps you’re talking about Ctl+O which opens the outline view and lets you jump to different methods and properties in your class?

  4. Agreed, fantastic presentation at MAX Deepa.

    As an addendum to the Ctrl (Cmd) + Shift + R tip, I also highly recommend the Eclipse plugin GotoFile (

    The key benefits it has over Open Resource are:

    – Fuzzy name matches (e.g. typing “AppMan” will match “ApplicationManager”)
    – Exclude extensions in preferences (I exclude FLA and SWF)

    Works well with FB3 and Gumbo.

  5. Congrats and thanks for such a great session (and blog).
    Someone else nicked your slides in Max Europe (sssh…) but he explained them very well, too.

  6. Hi deepa,

    getting a runtime error when trying to run the Gumbo sample ( I am using build #

    “addChild is not available in FxComponent. Instead, modify the skin directly or use addItem.”

    Caused by : 414

    Thing is, I cant seem to locate the “addItem”method on FxComponent as the exception message seems to suggest. Can you suggest a solution?


  7. @superabe – Are you sure you’re building this project against SDK build 4078? If not, there might be some API changes that have gone in since.

    @Durairaj – Code assist is Ctrl+Spacebar in FlexBuilder (essentially in Eclipse).

  8. hey Deepa, great presentation. I am trying to compile the application but I am getting compile error

    Could not resolve to a component implementation.

    I am using the 4659 build. Any help is much appreciated 🙂


  9. Hey Deepa,
    The Halo Video Component file is missing. I wanted to take a look at the updateDisplay method but could not find it. I could only see the
    Any possible way you can add that to the source package as well 🙂 . Thanks a lot


  10. hi Deepa,

    Its a excellent presentation. I really impressed with this one. I got lot of thinks on components. and also good intro on Gumbo also.I Think Gumbo its too good.

    All the best for Gumbo. waiting for that…

    thanks a lot for such a great session…

  11. Hey I am using flex 3 builder and flex Gumbo sdk.

    R we able to switch to design mode and work on it using the Gumbo?

    How do i get the Gumbo components in the code completion? it’s not showing up for me 🙁

  12. Thanks a bunch Deepa,
    This presentation gives a fantastic glance into the workings of the Flex Component structure. Have you considered publishing a book with more info like this? We’d certainly buy it! 🙂

  13. Hello Deepa,

    Great presentation on component development. Thankx for that. I have one question. Once we have proper component class ready and we compile it to .swc file. How can we add a visual icon to the component that can be displayed in the component panel. Current my compiled components have a default gray icon. I cant find any reference in AS3.

    Can you give me some reference links for that,Please ?


  14. Hey Deepa,

    Got a chance to look at VOD of MAX on Halo/Spark Component Development. It’s impressive.


  15. You have omitted the last few slides from your talk in Sept 2009. These were important slides as they detailed which invalidation routines didn’t need to be updated with Spark (in comparison to Halo). Hoping that you’ll update with your latest slides.

  16. @Norman – The materials linked to in this post are for the talk I gave last year at MAX 2008. True, I gave a flavor of this talk on 9/22/09 and 9/23/09. For the slides and code for those talks, please go here:

    Obviously, the code and slides from the MAX 2008 talk are severely out of date with the current state of the Flex SDK trunk (obviously, since it was over a year ago!). So please use the more current materials.

  17. Hi Deepa,

    Its nice to have someone from adobe. I was just hunting around a person who can help me in Flex as i have serched internet for a solution for Flex Chart to make it accessible. can you please let em know how can i get some work arounds to make a Flex chart accessible when the JAWS (screen reader) is on. I was able to make the Chart key board accessable but not able to make the chart keyboard accesable using keyboard as the flash object can not be get detectes in JAWS.

    Expecting a reply.

    Thanks in advance.

  18. Hey Deepa, just caught your video preso from MAX, really great. Thanks for the clear explanation of invalidation/validation model. We’ve just had our whole engineering team watch the video and everyone got something out of it, from our new Flex developers to the seasoned vets.

    Where should we send the gift basket to? 🙂 But, seriously, look us up if you ever want Sprout to treat you to a free burrito in the Mission District!

    -Your #1 fans @ Sprout

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